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I just opened my etsy shop and I wanted to celebrate & help to spread the word a bit by doing a little give away :)


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  • I will choose the winner with an online generator
  • I will be choosing the winner on August 1st 
  • I can ship worldwide :)

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Welcoming people [into the trans community] who otherwise might have been able to get by in a cis identity weakens the ideology of cisness, not the ideology of transness.

It’s saying, “we can do things for these people that you cannot because of your narrow ideas of gender.” It’s saying, “these are our people to cherish, not your people to shame.

bramblepatch still blowing me away  (via askanonbinary)

I’m just gonna keep reblogging this over and over again.

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Boom goes the dynamite.  Shout this from the rooftops. 



Everyone on the Enterprise is such a dick to Worf. They throw him a birthday party even though they know it will make him uncomfortable and sing Happy Birthday to him in poorly-translated Klingon. They give him a bunch of crap presents because, lol, wouldn’t it be funny to give Worfpainting, yeah yeah do it Data. And the whole time they’re laughing at his attempts to politely deal with it.

And then his son sends him a genuinely thoughtful gift, a cast of his forehead ridges, and Worf is genuinely delighted for a moment! But no time for that, time for more painting jokes, lol lol lol

This is actually one of my top 5, maybe even top 3, favorite episodes of TNG. Michael Dorn does such an incredible job showing just how difficult Worf finds it to live amongst other species, with no other Klingons around.
The shifts from one reality to the next were subtle and yet distinct, and then you have LocutusWins!Riker and his terrified desperation.
But oh did my heart ache for Deanna once she realized that Worf had never courted her, never married her…

"Why?" <pause> "Explain." <pause> "Sorry, Sir." 


Anonymous asked:

I have a question regarding the submission about d*kes and male privilege. I used to identify as a dyke, and now identify as genderqueer, and in both instances, I've been informed that I have male/male-passing/masculine privilege. I didn't want to refute this, because I'm concerned that would be an example of exercising that privilege and mansplaining, etc. But that submission seemed to suggest that that sort of idea was nonsense. Do you mods or other followers have any input on this?


telling a someone who identifies as a women she has male privilege because of the way she dresses. or acts, or displays her gender in any way, is bullshit. but i’m not pretending to be an expert on gender, and gender expression vis-a-vis oppression. Perhaps the followers would be better at explaining this? Or linking to someone who could better answer your question.

Just … I’m not really believing the whole “some women have male privilege” shit, from what I can tell, it usually ends up transphobic, transmisogynistic, cissexist, lesbophobic, homophobic, biphobic,  and a bunch of other shit. 

This anon’s ask is such a prime example of why more and more I hate what the conversation about Privilege has turned into.  Privilege is a very real thing and people need to be aware of their own privileges in order to be part of a nuanced conversation and play an active role in breaking down the establishment of oppression and build a more equal society. 

What Privilege is not is a “Get out of an argument free” card.  It is not something someone can just toss on another person, find some weak justification for why they have privilege and then dismiss anything they have to say after that as being exercising that privilege.  I get so sick of seeing marginalized queer identities tossing privilege arguments back and forth at each other without a trace of intersectional awareness.  Saying that a genderqueer AFAB has male privilege is like saying that a trans woman who can live stealth has cis privilege. Just stop it. 

I throw side eyes at any position where any and all counterpoints are then used as examples of why it is right.  If you’re not open to respectful debate about your opinions and ideas then how can you truly say they actually have merit? Instead it sounds like when conspiracy theorists use legit explanations as proof that there’s a coverup and the conspiracy is thus real.  ”Chemtrails exist!” “My cousin works for the airline, that’s not what that is.” “Your cousin must be in on it! And they lied to you, so clearly they’re hiding something!” 

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