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Anonymous asked:

So, if boobs aren't sex organs like all you feminists claim, then what's wrong with commenting on them? If you have purple hair, I'm going to mention it! If you have giant boobs, I'm going to mention it! If they're not sexual, then what's your problem?





Translation: I don’t understand the difference between sex organs and secondary sex characteristics, nor do I understand how society has coded certain secondary sex characteristics to be sexual while others are left “neutral.” I also don’t understand how I am drawing a false equivalency between hair and breasts, as only one has been sexualized within Western cultures, and I’m really desperate to justify my own obsession with sexually harassing women.

Now they are secondary sex characteristics? Are we just going to keep on making up words until men aren’t allowed to look at women?

Feminists didn’t make up the term “secondary sex characteristics” to shame men for looking at women. It’s a scientific term for features that appear when a person or any other animal has reached sexual maturity. Here’s the wikipedia article since you were unable to look it up yourself. 

People are of course allowed to appreciate others’ bodies. What is not acceptable is sending objectifying messages to a total stranger about the way their body looks. 

Why is this so fucking difficult?

I also like his original example too because it’s not like women don’t *also* get objectified for their hair color on the regular.

First time I’ve been able to wear heels since spraining my ankle in June. Also this skirt is an anomaly. It’s so incredibly green and yet no matter who photographs it, it looks black. It’s been miss-tagged as a black skirt on the ModCloth Style Gallery like 3 times. I’m waiting to see if the photos taken by a pro at the show come out ok before I post this look to there.



I love this new direction of Clara being a Donna-type companion instead of a Rose. It suits her so much better.

….. Was she supposed to be a Rose to 11? I didn’t get that at all since 11 was all in love with River and/or the Tardis and such.

I feel like you’re describing reasons why it didn’t work, which I agree with.  But I think the show’s attempt to present Clara as a romantic foil for the Doctor in his Smith incarnation is fairly blatant.  And the fact that it never worked is part of why I never cared much for her as a character. I’ve appreciated her more in these last two episodes than I did in any episode from her half of last season. 

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