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This skirt hasn’t fit for a little while but it did today. Trying it paired with this shirt I got on sale last week. Loving it. Also not sure if it’s showing that well because of the filter, but my cami underneath the top is a deep blue so it gives the look a little more color variety as well.

Skirt and Necklace - ModCloth

Top - Old Navy

Shoes - Payless

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  1. because-the-dream said: Super cute. The curl of the hair on the forehead makes it perfect.
  2. nathpollen said: I love this outfit so much. The mix of textures and colour palette are so lovely ! :)
  3. brickwallbrauche reblogged this from chicklikemeblog and added:
    ugh i effing love that skirt and you paired to so well. shit you’re so fucking fashionable. I looked like a hobo today....
  4. imageorobject reblogged this from chicklikemeblog and added:
    ugh just THE CUTEST
  5. statusqueernotstatusquo said: <3
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  7. wolf-speaks-to-girl said: your hair in this is especially badass. love the flow of the shirt & the emerald green of the skirt.
  8. loveme-chain said: very very cute! :) makes your legs look dynamite! :D
  9. noltingk said: Love it
  10. chicklikemeblog posted this
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